Picture of How to make a paper model gun!
In this instructable, I am going to show you guys how to make a paper model gun!
I will be making the Berreta 92fs, but most guns are rather similar in building. So that would not be a very big problem.

Step 1: What will you need?

Picture of What will you need?
Ok, here is the standard what do you need step. it is not very much, or hard to get. And most people allready have it.
1. A printer, it does not have to be able to print super quility, since you only need to make some basic colors. Still, be sure to have enough ink!

2. Printer paper without it you would not be able to print!

3. Glue. any glue that glues paper will work, i suggest strong glue.

4. Scissors/hobby knive, whatever you prefer, i prefer scissors, because i dont have a hobby knive, and i dont have money to buy one..

5. Tweezers, this may sound a bit odd, but they are usefull for handling small parts, and holding things like the barrel together.

6. The template of your gun. i uploaded the guns from the pack that i use for you guys, just click [http://dodownload.filefront.com/9840268//0e244cc9390a9bfe8c7bafdb857755622354a8d86f8e5e2fcc243ca18804488fc1afb327bf026c83 here]
note: i did NOT make these, and thus i take no credit for them, i only uploaded them for you
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3fully1 year ago

To Downloaded the Models : http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-AK-47-48/

mmarkov13 years ago
Is there any way to get to the templates today???
oops first one didnt have the link:
yeah, megaupload got taken down. heres a mediafire link i found
daves7772 years ago
GUYS everybody trying to find the links because megaupload is blocked go to this link:
Skipper12346 years ago
oi boys just download the PDF named: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=K4RVBYYJ
its the 19 page insturctions and cut outs or wateva you want to call them
I got a fedral warning on this scared the crap out of me!
Thats cause the FBI took down megaupload for piracy or something.
so they WONT knock down my door
no dude unless ur downloading illegal bootlegs ur good
Im not
c70do3 years ago
Nice btw can you email me the template because i dont have a pro account and im not pating
andrewscity3 years ago
hey,sorry about the complaint,but Windstream says "this website does not exist"
could you please help me.Also,i loce to make paper guns off the top of my head.
will you send me a email how to put it together my email is richardsdylan57@yahoo.co.uk
how do you put it together
rgerardo983 years ago
were can i get instructions to assemble it
the poodleo3 years ago
To everyone reading this.
I have a few things to say.

first, there are hundreds of links to other websites where you can print of different guns, and other types of papermodels (cars, airplanes, ships, etc. I have an instructable with a ton of links.
all you have to do is google "papercraft guns"

and second...
Don't print on regular printer paper. its way to light. go to a staples or something, and buy a few pieces of cardstock, print everything of on those. they are about 5 cents a sheet, and totally worth it if you actually want to have your gun holdable, and it will be much less frustrating.

its still a good instructable, but there could be a few more specifics.
userhacker3 years ago
any youtube vids for help?
aloknm4 years ago
could u please post all steps
yea that would be very helpful
userhacker3 years ago
are there any instructions for the 1191 because im a beginner and its very hard to make these i need instructions plzz thnx!
stevennhl6 years ago
when I printed the instructions and pieces it was small... how would I get the real size pieces?
what i did is copy and pasted to microsoft word and enlarged it. dont worry it doesnt pixelate
does it work and is it hard to make?
Madin3123 years ago
can you make the PDF for Single Action Army, cuz I can't find it
eprose3 years ago
hey dude! awesome guns but can you make templates on how to make a desert eagle please?
veyron26123 years ago
wow u just brill
makin 1911 now qit hard
BSB13 years ago
I can't find thhe printouts!
vruiz34 years ago
this is great but heres what i would do.ill glue he papers layer by layer and cut it out using a CNC Machine :P
microheroes4 years ago
pretty cool men
jcollins164 years ago
when you making the gun you just have to cut and glue? or glue to cardboard? idk this is my first time.
jcollins164 years ago
wheres the template?
nfsm6545 years ago
 which is the Sig P226?
Yes, where is it? I'm in the middle of working on it!
nfsm654 nfsm6545 years ago
 and the PPK?
SM28084 years ago
I cant get to the template please help.
hunter1524 years ago
i made this one and it turned outgreat thanks
hunter1524 years ago
these are so awsome thanks for uploading them on megaupload
joey neely4 years ago
it comes out to smallll
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