mmarkov13 years ago
Is there any way to get to the templates today???
userhacker3 years ago
are there any instructions for the 1191 because im a beginner and its very hard to make these i need instructions plzz thnx!
nfsm6545 years ago
 which is the Sig P226?
Yes, where is it? I'm in the middle of working on it!
nfsm654 nfsm6545 years ago
 and the PPK?
hunter1524 years ago
these are so awsome thanks for uploading them on megaupload
pmr1230654 years ago
does the desert eagle have a working slide?
aloknm4 years ago
i can downlaod it
dude I downloaded these things at the place and they don't work
 do you have adobe reader? :/
do you hav a link to the berreta
I can't download it
i found a folder of these at http://rapidshare.com/files/46346843/Kamikuzu_guns.rar
can someone upload the template for the mp5k????? plzplzplzplzplzplz i really want that paper tenplate plz thanks in advance

DrSwag5 years ago
 is mac10 easy
yonammer5 years ago
We're not stupid. The "main" link isn't working. Thanks anyway for uploading all the PDFs :D
nabzaf5 years ago
ok when i clicked the link it didn't work so thanks for upload'n them but you need to see why people couldn't click the link
there awsome!!!!!!!
741852963.06 years ago
esta muy guapas me he echo la desert eagle y la ak 47 gracias tio eres el mejor .una cosa tienes que poner la m4 ok dew
usb key6 years ago
i cant make the m773 to size the handle is always an inch to short. i need a way to fix that.
kelvinjiang6 years ago
they work for me!
darriyan4406 years ago
i downloaded these and they wont let me open the file please reply
it workes for me yust download acrobat 5.0 reader
andis19946 years ago
no need to call us stupid ... but ty anyway
r3ddr4gon6 years ago
wats the easiest one?
JuanOrtega6 years ago
are there any models for all thees guns? some of them make no sence!
is there a website for these models
Bluerock5556 years ago
I can't print it!!!