Step 3: The rest of the barrel and slide

1, 2. This is a technique i use to bend over small flaps, i just get teh tweezers, and hold them along the edge of the flap you wnaat to fold. Then just bend over the rest, and you will have a nice anc straight fold, on small flaps.

3. this is the front part of the slide, because this model has no slideable slide, i wont have to make any holes to slide the barrel trough.

4. this is the barrel itself, first of all, cut it all out, and fold the flaps.

5. then apply glue on the big flap to connect the long sides.

6. Press the flap to the part you want it to get glued to.

7. All the parts of the barrel allign!

8. And this is with the parts of the barrel connected.

9, 10. how the barrel, and slide, should look like when finished.

11. A view trough the rear and front sight, shouldnt be that hard.