Introduction: How to Make a Paper Ninja Star!

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Nothing to do with a boring old sticky note?
Take it and make a ninja star with it!

Step 1: The Beginning

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(*All of these steps go with each picture in order)

1. Get your sticky note
2. fold it in half
3. fold the crease hard so it stays in half
4. unfold it
5. fold it the other way
6. Make sure your crease is in the middle (*optional: make a dotted line like what I did)
7. rip your post-it in half very carefully!
8. Now you have your two pieces!

Step 2: The Middle

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9. Fold your 2 pieces in half
10. With the crease facing down on both pieces fold half of it in the way shown in the photo. (They have to be opposite or else you cant finish your ninja star!)
11. Do it with both sides and you should get something supplied in the picture
12. Fold the square part toward the middle on the FLAT SIDE with no holes.
13. Repeat step 13 with both pieces
14. Now unfold the square piece and fold it again DOWNWARD so it forms a right triangle LAYING FLAT.
15. Repeat step 14 with both pieces
16. They should look like the last photo.

Step 3: The End!!! (Kinda)

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17. Place both FLAT SIDES on eachother
18. Put the bottom triangle into the slot
19. Repeat with the top triangle
20. Flip it over
21. put the right triangle in the slot
22. repeat with the left triangle
23. You're now done with the ninja star until.....

Step 4: THROW IT!!

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