Introduction: How to Make a Paper Ninja Throwing Square

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O.K. I'm new at this so be considerate. Here it is.
Credit for this design goes to my friend Jeffery.
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Step 1: Materials

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1 piece of paper.

Step 2: Fold

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Fold in half 2 times.

Step 3: Fold Again

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Make sure that the non-creased part of your paper is facing away from you. Then make a diagonal fold in the middle. Keep in mind that the cleaner the fold, the better the final project will be.

Step 4: Fold...

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Take the paper part facing left and fold it over. Then take the part pointing up and fold it down.
End up with picture three.

Step 5: Flip

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Flip it over.

Step 6: Tuck It In

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Take the left facing part and tuck it under the flap first, then take the top pat and fold it down under the flap.

Step 7: Throwing

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I hold it like that in the picture, but it doesn't matter. Just flick your wrist before you let go.
Go be a wanna-be ninja!


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