How to Make a Paper Popper





Introduction: How to Make a Paper Popper

Materials: Just any piece of paper really :)

Step 1: First Fold

Fold your ordinary piece of paper in half from portrait view. Or what some people know as the hamburger fold. Crease strongly and firm.

Step 2: Second Fold

After the first fold, fold the paper the same way, but this time, instead of in half leave about 3-4 inches at the bottom like shown in the photo.

Step 3: Finishing.

Now, Fold the paper backwards leaving two (what seem to be) flaps.

Step 4: How to Use. (THE FUN PART!)

Now, take your popper and make the two holes face you (like in pictures) Then, place your thumbs on the two flaps and grab the bottom. Now just pressing on the flaps, pull down on the flaps and pull up on the bottom. Then let go of the bottom and make sure you are holding just the flaps! Then to use, have the two holes face away from you and swing downward with force! BOOM! Haha enjoy my first instructable! Leave feedback please :)



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Great 'ible. However, I couldn't exactly get it to pop, and I was using printer paper.

OK so, to get it to pop make sure you are holding just the flaps after pulling them down, with the holes facing away from you, then swing down with force. If it doesn't work grab what was the bottom in the instruct able and pull on it a little bit more. Then swing again. Hope this helps :) Thanks for the feedback!