Introduction: How to Make a Paper Sword.

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Step 1: Materials You'll Need.

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1. 13 pieces of paper (any kind)
2. tape
3. scissors

Step 2: Making the Sword.

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Making it will be really easy. just make 10 tubes by rolling the paper with 10 of the 13 sheets of paper,and attach them(5 attached,but 1 tube inside every tube).At the top,cut the tube to make it pointed.

Step 3: Making the Handle.

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Take 1 sheet of paper and roll it the wide way,and put on the bottom of the sword so it's thicker than the rest.

Step 4: Making the Hand Guard.

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Take the last sheet of paper and make the tube really wide. Cut it in half and tape one on the top part of the guard and one on the bottom part of the guard like in the picture.

Step 5: Finished!!!

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If you followed these steps correctly,it should look something like this.Congrats if you made it right!


Danny1433 (author)2012-06-29

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Sword, my paper sword, sword

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I have a patent!

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you can not not ignore
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It's made of freakin' paper

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But that would be fine
Because it is awesome
And you're probably jealous!

I can swing my sword, sword
Cuz I am the lord, lord

Lord of paper swooooorrrrrddddssssah!

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