How to make a Paper Vase without curves

Picture of How to make a Paper Vase without curves
Today I'll tell you how to model a paper vase with the segment method. It seems the vase has curves but these are approximately approached by edges and polygons.
At first I came to an idea to divide a vase into two parts (P1 and P2, see 3rd screenshot). 
You have 2 objects that look like a Hyperboloid and an Ellipsoid. One object has a 'negative' (slender) and the other one a 'positive' (bulbous) curve. 
The approximation and the unions of the segments turns into a blocky vase.   

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Step 1: CP-Samples of the vase

Here you can dl the cp samples of the 6 and 8 segment (slender, bulbous) vase.

red: valley folds
blue: mountain folds
black: cutting lines 

Step 2: Glue and Assemble

Picture of Glue and Assemble
Cut the segments and prefold. Glue the parts together.

Step 3: Variations

Picture of Variations
You can naturally also make variations with different shapes and forms.

Happy Crafting! 
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Troels1 year ago
what program did you use?
sphere360 (author)  Troels1 year ago
A basic 2D-CAD Program (QCAD)
You can use any other CAD Software.