How to Make a Paracord Zipper Pull





Introduction: How to Make a Paracord Zipper Pull

There are quite a few different ways of making a paracord zipper pull. The one I will show you is one of the simplest, yet one of the best looking.
The knot we will be using is called the cobra knot and is the very same knot used in the regular paracord bracelet. Making just a few of these knots will create a beautiful and more importantly, functional zipper pull. If you want additional zipper pull designs, try Paracord guild, my website.

For the supplies, you will need a rather short piece of paracord (depending on how many knots you will use), some scissors to cut the extra ends off and a lighter to melt the ends.

This zipper pull design is great because you can use it to fix broken zipper pulls, as well as make it over the regular zippers to make zippers easier to use.

Now let's see how to make a paracord zipper pull.

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I made one for a zip pull for a side pocket on a motorcycle jacket. I wanted it to be small, so I used some cord from an old broken slatted "venetian" blind. This is about 1mm or 1/16" thick.

To make the zip- pull, pull the loop down as shown to be the length of the finished pull that you want, and then allow about EIGHT times as much on each of the two free ends. It's amazing how much you need, but it will vary with how tight you pull it, and how flexible your cord is. My finished pull was 3cm long (approx. 1"), and the 2 free ends were 20cm (8")

im just curious on how much cord to use like a foot

I just figured out the removal of inner strandstrick. I will have to make some for my stuff

I just figured out the removal of inner strandstrick. I will have to make some for my stuff

Try taking the inner strands out, makes a smaller zipper pill but same look

I've made these, we're doing it at the scout show by me