Picture of How to make a patchwork drawstring bag/hat

I started making these little bags as a way to use up those scraps that are too small to really do anything with but too large to justify throwing out.  The bag is completely reversible and it can double as a sun hat in a pinch!
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Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Gather materials

you will need:
-string or cord
-safety pin
-8.5" by 11" paper
=measuring tape or ruler
-sewing machine (or just a needle, that would take longer)

Step 2: Wash and iron fabric

Picture of Wash and iron fabric

I know it's a pain, but it makes things easier in the long run.  Wash fabric according to its instructions and iron it, if possible.

Step 3: Make pattern

Picture of Make pattern
Fold the piece of paper in half, lengthwise.  Measure 3 inches in from the bottom and mark the side of the paper that is the unfolded side.  Cut from that mark to the bottom corner of the folded side.  When you open it up, there should now be a point on one end.  Next, measure 2.5 inches in from the folded side and make a mark with the pen.  Cut along this line.  You should now have the shape pictured.

Step 4: Cut out fabric and decide on arrangement

Picture of Cut out fabric and decide on arrangement
Using your pattern, cut out the fabric you will need.  For this bag you will need 12 pieces total, 6 for each side.  They can be whatever colors you want.  I like to make one side be the same and one side be different but you can do whatever you want.

Once you have all your pieces cut out, try arranging them in different ways and see what you like the most.
sawyer10224 years ago
thanks again :)
Oh awesome! That looks great! Thanks for sharing the picture!
sawyer10224 years ago
thanks for the tutorial :) just whipped one up in less than an hour. found the bottom a bit tricky but i was able to finagle with little effort.
Oh awesome! You should post a picture!
The part where all the seams meet at the bottom can be annoying to sew, but not impossible. Let me know if there are things in the instructions I could change to make it easier!
SHIFT!5 years ago
Nice! I need to try something out like this, I still have some really nice fabric from MF 2010!