How to Make a Pen Crossbow




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Introduction: How to Make a Pen Crossbow

How to make a pen crossbow. Good for shooting your enemies :)

Step 1: Materials

All you need is a pen, rubber bands, and a drill.

Step 2: Construction

The first thing you need to do is take out the plastic piece that holds the ink tube and drill a hole just big enough to push it through the center of the pen. Try to be cautious though,  If you make the hole to big the pen could break in half.

Step 3: Construction

Next cut little grooves to hold the rubber bands on each end of the pen. You do not need to do these but they help hold the rubber bands in place.

Step 4: Construction

It should end up looking something like this.

Step 5: Shooting

When your done, put the rubber bands on and put the ink tube through the hole. Fire by pulling the ink back with the rubber band.

Step 6: Shooting

Mine shot through about five layers of cardboard so they will hurt someone!!! Now go out and blow something up, Probably not a good idea to bring it to school though. I almost got suspended for mine.



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    cool. im going to build something similiar but with a wider wooden dowel...

    Bic round stic are probably the best. You just want a stiff pen that will not bend in half easily.

    why would youeven say its fake? if it is, does it matter?

    its not fake. i made mine and it shoots about 70 feet at about a 15 degree angle.

    i made it too, and it's so fast... i hurt my friand xD

    That sucs, Mine got confiscated and while my principal was looking (or playing) with it in his office he shot it throught the roof, he thinks im a terrorist

    ill go crazy for the opposite reason


    :-) COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!