this is what we will be making

Step 1:

okay so first you will need
an elastic
and a bic pen

Step 2:

okay now take the back of your pen out i bit it with my teeth but you could use pliers

Step 3:

next pull the ink out of the front of your pen you need to grasp it and it should come out easily

Step 4:

next take the front of the pen off you may need some pliers what you should have left is basically a pen tube

Step 5:

now tape an elastic on the back of the pen but make sure you've cut it first it should look like this

Step 6: Final

now put the ink in pull back on the elastic with the pen still infront and let go and it will shoot
it is pretty cool dude nice design<br>
rofl why is this part so hard? i am a failure
no its most likely you're pen if its that hard use pliers
thanks :)
Check your grammar. Better quality instructions.<br>Go.

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