this instructable will help you create a pen gun/ ink cartridge launcher, witch launches the ink cartridge at the push of a button, and still writes!

Step 1: Supplys and Tools

what you will need:
>a BIC click y pen.
>a click y pen with a fat cartridge.
>a good pair of scissors( must be strong enough to cut thin plastic)
<p>I accidentally shot myself doing this a few years ago. Had to explain to the life guard at the pool what I did. It was funny.</p>
pics are a lil' blurry...
sorry, had to use a bad camera.<br />
see if it has a &quot;macro&quot; setting. this lets you take good close-up pics.
Umm by &quot;clicky pen&quot; do you mean retractable pen?
Wow late reply.
i searched &quot;mouse&quot; and this came up. ? weird.&nbsp; <br />
Apparently, you put mouse as a tag.
i dont remember doing that... ill check.
&nbsp;how far does it shoot, and how power full is it
it shoots pretty hard, and i scared everyboudy at school with it<br />
&nbsp;nice.<br />

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Bio: i am a magicain from texas!
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