Picture of How to make a pen gun. (ink cartrige launtcher)
this instructable will help you create a pen gun/ ink cartridge launcher, witch launches the ink cartridge at the push of a button, and still writes!

Step 1: Supplys and tools

Picture of supplys and tools
what you will need:
>a BIC click y pen.
>a click y pen with a fat cartridge.
>a good pair of scissors( must be strong enough to cut thin plastic)
Squidyman4 months ago

I accidentally shot myself doing this a few years ago. Had to explain to the life guard at the pool what I did. It was funny.

pics are a lil' blurry...
fastlines49s (author)  greymatter215 years ago
sorry, had to use a bad camera.
see if it has a "macro" setting. this lets you take good close-up pics.
Cheezpaper4 years ago
Umm by "clicky pen" do you mean retractable pen?
stop spamming, nobody cares.
fastlines49s (author)  Cheezpaper4 years ago
Wow late reply.
fastlines49s (author)  Cheezpaper4 years ago
fastlines49s (author) 5 years ago
i searched "mouse" and this came up. ? weird. 
Apparently, you put mouse as a tag.
fastlines49s (author)  Cheezpaper4 years ago
i dont remember doing that... ill check.
CaseBoy5 years ago
 how far does it shoot, and how power full is it
fastlines49s (author)  CaseBoy5 years ago
it shoots pretty hard, and i scared everyboudy at school with it