Introduction: How to Make a Pencil Crossbow

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A simple tutorial on how to make a pencil crossbow.

1. Bendy stick does not have to be big.
2. Rubber bands strong ones.

If you want to make an arrow you will need these materials.

Type 1

type 2
knife saw sander, a stick a bit bigger than the bow mine is much larger.

Step 1:

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To start sand the stick. If you want to make your bow smoother rip off the bark. I did not take my bark off.

Step 2:

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Next make slits with a saw or another tool on the side of the stick. The put a rubber band through the slits.

Step 3:

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If the bow is loose add tape to the ends.

Step 4:

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To make an arrow you can use a pencil but I will say what to do. Just sand a stick until there are only stubs as bumps. To make an arrow head fit make a small slit. Otherwise use a file or sander to make a point or use a knife.
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