How to Make a Pencil Move in a Mysterious Way





Introduction: How to Make a Pencil Move in a Mysterious Way

This describes a method I came up with for giving spin to a pencil, allowing it to cruise horizontally in a mind-boggling way.

Step 1: Type of Pencil

Any pencil will do, but avoid the built-in erasers. Lighter pencils are better than heavy, round pencils are slightly better than hexagonal.

For reasons explained later, it's better if the pencil is sharp. However, watch out for eyeballs when throwing sharp pencils!

Step 2: Holding the Pencil

Hold your hand in the position you would use to prepare for clicking your fingers. This is usually with your longest finger against your thumb.
Place the tip of the pencil in between these digits, such that when you do click your fingers you will be rolling the pencil.

Step 3: Launching

Click your fingers. The pencil will start to spin, but also the pencil will start to exit from the grip of your finger and thumb, and in so doing will engage its narrower parts in your grip, decreasing the torque on the pencil, but increasing the rate of rotation.
The pencil will leave your hand with such spin that it will hum.

Step 4: Style

Use various throwing actions: start with pencil hanging down, and throwing it underarm as you spin it makes a log which is impossible for others to catch. Hold your arm out horizontally to your side, with the back of your hand facing forward and the pencil in line with your arm, moving your arm forward as you spin it. This launches the pencil straight forward with a load of backspin, which gives it lift. It can fly quite slowly in a straight line. When you get it right it's really quite amazing.



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im having a problem viewing the videos every time i try i have to restart my computer (quicktime and other sof ware is up to date) any one elce having this problem?

yes. my fucking computor wont even let me play the videos at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've put them on my youtube account: "onlyinfoexists" - you could watch them there, soon I'll have another go at referencing them from here.

but dont get me wrong,it is a kinda cool idea

I wanted to make them "live" video clips, but couldn't work out how to do it :(

you get a you tube account and post them on you tube then yo u can embed them on the sight (by clicking the video button)

Ok, I've tried that. I can't see the embedded videos myself, but there seems to be a space left where they should be. Perhaps they're not available from youtube yet.

I guess this is an anglo-american difference, but it sounds about right. That thing you do that makes a noise as your middle finger goes smacking off your thumb.