In the Instructable i will show you how to make 2 different phone taps that can be used on any house phone.
The amplifiers used in this instructable can be taken from old Wall outlet chargers. The kind you charge a phone with.
BTW if i can ill get a better camera instead of taking picks with an ipod and make a phone tap that clips onto the wire and pins connect to the wires and it will have an internal recording module with a micro SD card slot and run off the power of the Phone line itself. I have everything set up already. i just need the module.

Step 1: Tools

This is a fairly simple yet effective project so the only needed tools are:
Soldering iron
And some cutting tools
<p>Instead of using an SD card, could I just connect it to a audio transmitter and then connect that to walky talky??? Just a creative idea.</p>
nice tap :) what kind of amplifier or reference do you used?
Interesting. Do you have a recording of the audio, so we hear the clarity/volume?
yeah i have a recording. its crystal clear and the volume will depend on the amp you use for it.if its 120 to 5-15 volts u should be perfectly fine on volume. im just waiting on a micro SD to usb to get the audio on the computer <br>

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