Picture of How to make a photo tell a story.
I am going to show you how to make a picture show movement by putting a few photo's together. In this way the photo will tell a story. And isn't that what photo's are supposed to do?
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Step 1: About the back ground.

Picture of About the back ground.
The first thing that you need is to take multiple photo's with the same back ground. You can always add pictures of things that have different backgrounds but if you use pictures with the same background it is much easier.

Step 2: Setting up the camera.

Picture of Setting up the camera.
It is pretty easy to set up a camera so that it will take multiple shots if you hold down the shutter button. If your camera does this it will make it much easier to get multiples than to do it by pushing the shutter. Either way it will work one just takes a bit more patience.

Step 3: Get at least four shots.

Picture of Get at least four shots.
I have found that a minimum of four shots makes for a really nice picture. You can try it with less or more and your results will differ. Import them all into your Photoshop program ( I use Photoshop Elements). As you can see at the bottom of the photo I have imported five pictures into this file.

Step 4: Cut out the picture parts to be added.

Picture of Cut out the picture parts to be added.
Now you are ready to go up and grab the "Magnetic Lasso". As you can see from the photo I will have to go up and pick the "Magnetic" lasso from the top of the program. The program on this machine is version #2.
frollard3 years ago
Great content; perhaps consider when taking shots of a screen to just...take screenshots. I'm not sure of the procedure on a mac, but I'm sure its similar to windows where a hotkey will capture the screen.
apple control shift 3, or apple control shift 4 to make a selection that is copied to your clipboard.
johnaobrien (author)  frollard3 years ago
Good idea! I'm rather new to posting as you can tell. Thank you
No problem -- We all strive to make the best content we can, and for the most part, you'll get constructive criticism when it's needed :D Keep up the great work!
johnaobrien (author) 3 years ago
Here are some more photoshoped images based on the same trick. The last one was just a cut out and I changed the background. I used some gausin blur for the shotputter.
lemonie3 years ago

I read left to right, so this starts with you holding a fish - after that I don't get the story. How about flipping it horizontally?

johnaobrien (author)  lemonie3 years ago
Yeah I guess that would work . There is so much you can do with photoshop. You just have to try it. I forgot to add to this that you need to have a pallet added for each additional piece of the puzzle. Good luck!