Picture of How to make a picture frame using an old CD
CD-Picture frames.

This is a simple way to finally get some use out of all those old CDs, DVDs, and software discs that have been cluttering up your house or work space. I gathered some old discs, some peel and stick magnetic tape strips, a box cutter, and some super glue to fashion a picture frame which can be attached to a refrigerator, filing cabinet or any other metal surface.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Acquire the needed materials.

For this project you will need...

(2) CD, DVD, or software discs
(1) Pack of peel and stick magnetic tape strips
(1) Box cutter or utility knife
(1) tube of super glue
(1) 12 inch ruler
(1) Marker (sharpie works good)


(1) Piece of masonite or any flat surface to work on which
can take the abuse of a razor knife.

Step 2: Measure disc

Picture of Measure disc
You will need to measure one of the discs to be cut for your picture to show through. Use your ruler to measure a good size opening for your picture while making a clear line of these measurements with your marker. I used a square shape for my opening and found that by measuring 1 inch, from the outside edge in, made a good even square.