Step 5: Using the Mute

Obviously to use this effectively, you need to know how to play trumpet. It will sound and feel exactly like a trumpet with a straight mute (a mechanical high-pass filter) with a cord attached.

These pickups do pick up extraneous noises like valves and other impacts. The capacitor helps get rid of some of this, but much of this noise is the same frequency range as the trumpet making it difficult to suppress. Its still a fun project to experiment around with and even record a bit of music.

I've attached a sample clip that I made by attaching the pickups to the microphone jack of the computer.

This is my first instructable, so thanks for reading!
<p>I was wondering if you knew any ways of recording trumpet really cheaply when it doesn't sound like it's got a straight mute on?</p>
Such a great invention using the <a href="http://www.ultrasonic-sensor-manufacturer.com/" rel="nofollow"><strong>piezo buzzer</strong></a>. But please provide a brief idea about the frequency of&nbsp; sound that will produce from the instrument.
Very cool. I hope to try this soon. Based on a little knowledge about piezos on other instruments, I'm wondering: Would it make a difference to have one piezo in the very middle of the flat end of the mute? Also, how different would it be to mount one piezo (perhaps a smaller or more flexible piece) on a conical side? If there are significant differences, I imagine that one could mount multiple piezos in different places and blend the output as desired.
Do you know any substitute for the Piezo Transducer? We don't have Radio Shacks in Uruguay :) <br>I thought of using a few Piezoelectric Buzzers (the ones used as internal speaker in PCs, ) connected in serie, what do you think? <br> <br>Here if u wanna see what I mean: http://img.alibaba.com/photo/209189527/KLS3_P_2317_Piezo_Transducer_piezo_buzzer_small_buzzer.jpg <br> <br>Thanks in advance.
What I used were sold as piezoelectric buzzers and looked a lot like your picture. I just had to pull off the plastic casing. <br> <br>Fun Fact: these work wonderfully on a vibra slap
Put some reverb on it and your good!
nice. gota love the versatility of piezos as pickups

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