How to make a pigeon fly over the Brooklyn Bridge (with a single sheet of paper!)

This card is fairly easy to cut and fold (compared to the other cards I've designed) plus you can personalize it however you want by changing the message the pigeon is carrying, or by writing or drawing on the card itself. You can also just pop out the bird if you want to make the card easier (or if you don't live in Brooklyn).

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Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation
Here's a list of what you'll need:

Template (this is formatted for 8.5" by 11" but you can still print it on A4 paper. You'll just need to trim the edges when you're done with the card). Click on the pdf below and save it to your disk.

Cutting board (a real one works best but you can substitute it with corrugated cardboard)

An exacto knife (Small scissors with a pointed sharp end could work but you might not be able to get the best detail -- but with scissors you won't need the cutting board either)


2 sheets of cardboard stock of contrasting color (you can use regular paper but the result won't look as good. Construction paper can work too but it usually doesn't come in letter size so you'll need to trim it first).

A ball point pen for scoring

Step 2: Print and cut

Picture of Print and cut
Print the template on your colored card stock.

Cut along solid lines.

Please note: if your printer won't work with light card stock (mine won't...) you can print on regular paper. Tape your blank cardboard paper to your cutting board with drafting tape, then tape your template over it. You will then cut and score through both sheets at once, and you can pop out the shapes in either direction.

If you print directly on the card stock your bird will fly to the right, rather than to the left as it does in my pictures.
poisonhydra6 months ago

How to make a pigeon fly over the Brooklyn Bridge (with a single sheet of paper!) step 6;

Fold your second piece of paper in half. other than this, very cool.

belsey (author)  poisonhydra6 months ago

Do you mean that it's not a single sheet of paper? Step 6 is optional from a pop-up point of view, but if used as a regular greeting card a backing is better. Then most people would put this in an envelope too, which could be a third and fourth sheet of paper if the envelope is lined.... Still, the pop-up image itself IS created with a single sheet of paper, the rest is a matter of optional presentation.

AznPanda6 years ago
keggo246 years ago
ry259206 years ago
cool. i suck at drawing, but it still would be cool to put in a corner as decoration