This card is fairly easy to cut and fold (compared to the other cards I've designed) plus you can personalize it however you want by changing the message the pigeon is carrying, or by writing or drawing on the card itself.

Step 1: Video Tutorial

This is a video of the stork pop-up card; although the bird is different, the paper engineering is very similar, so you can watch this to learn how to make the dove. If you prefer written instructions, read on!

<p>How to make a pigeon fly over the Brooklyn Bridge (with a single sheet of paper!) step 6;</p><p>Fold your second piece of paper in half. other than this, very cool.</p>
<p>Do you mean that it's not a single sheet of paper? Step 6 is optional from a pop-up point of view, but if used as a regular greeting card a backing is better. Then most people would put this in an envelope too, which could be a third and fourth sheet of paper if the envelope is lined.... Still, the pop-up image itself IS created with a single sheet of paper, the rest is a matter of optional presentation. </p>
cool. i suck at drawing, but it still would be cool to put in a corner as decoration

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