Step 4: Sewing the cording on the fabric.

Picture of Sewing the cording on the fabric.
sewing corners.JPG
cutting the cord.JPG
hidden seam.JPG
hidden seam 2.JPG
hidden seam 3.JPG
Using regular sewing foot, start in the middle of one side of the pillow leaving 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch cording not sewn, sew down to corner, make a cut as shown being careful not to cut where you have sewn, pivot as shown, and continue sewing till you reach about 1 inch from end. Pull fabric back from cord, clip away extra cording to where it would meet the other cord,(it may be necessary to cut your threads back some., Now place other end inside of the other piece and sew, making sure you fold down a little bit that is going to be on the outside. (notice picture)