Here is other way to help the enviroment: to recycle paper by making a pinata
You will also have fun, and save money at the same time.
(Hope my grammar is OK I'm from Mexico, and English is not my native language, I did my best to write this instructable so If you do not understand something or notice very bad grammar, please let me know to correct it)

The challenge of this instructable is to make a pinata recycling paper, so you don't have to spend money to make it (maybe you will need some crepe paper to decorate it and a balloon but it cost less than $10)

Step 1: Materials

A balloon (if you want a big pinata, then use a big balloon. I used a small balloon for this instructable because is only a decorative pinata I do not intend to break it)
Old newspapers (the quantity of newspaper will depend of the size of your pinata)
For decorating your pinata maybe you will need old carton boxes, brilliant papers, etc (use your imagination)
An assistant (is optional you can do it for yourself, but if you have children at house they'd love to help you, for this example, my 5 years old niece was my assistant)
Simple question about the glue; When it drys, does it become transparent or stay whitish?
<p>it is halfway white and transparent some times it go transparent sometimes it stays white.</p>
Please don't use the flour idea...it caused a lot of tears when several kids got it in their eyes. And keep an extra bowl of candy for the little ones who weren't fast enough. As for using clay pots...that is an old tradition that no one uses anymore...too many sharp shards.
I make the &quot;star&quot; almost every year, but I use a mix of plain flour and water until it looks like library paste. So, far I've have had no problems with it but then I have never used it overnite. Also, I use recycled shirt buttons to tie a wire/string/twine to the pinata in order to hang it from the backyard swingset. The buttons add a little extra strength so the wire won't rip through the paper. Also, for safety sakes, we use a whiffle bat...the kids can get wild. Thank you for your instructable, it brought back so many lovely memories!
REAL piñatas are made from a clay round pots with handles to put the rope around the handles. Is fun to see the pieces of clay falling on the heads of the kids and the pot breaks really nice so there's no need to shake the piñata to get the candies out. OOH, don't forget to put white flour so when the piñata breaks the kids will get a surprice;) PS. A fast way to make a piñata is to get a box and make a Sponge Bob Piñata. Do not reinforce the bottom so the candies can fall without too much effort from the kids.
cool im trying the flour thing sounds good cut wouldnt the clay hurt when they fall on the kids heads
That's would be even more funny;) But I don't think the clay pieces are going to be big or heavy enough to cause any injury.
Hmm. Why is there sugar in your paste? I've made pinatas and other paper mache things using paste made from just flour (or starch) and water, and I'm wondering what I'm missing.
Well this is my mom recipe, and I always do it like that, so I do not know if is difference from the one made with only flour. I think sugar makes it more sticky and consistent
Westfw: In chemical terms, I would suppose it would be that the starch molecule is a polymer of the common sacarose (sugar) molecule. When you cook the starch it becomes denaturalized and unravels and the sugar might allow it to fill holes in the latticework formed between molecules. Besides, we all know that high-sugar solutions (like Coca-Cola) become quite sticky as they dry, and honeys are barely more than sugar and water. Syribia: Yo también soy mexicano.
Wonder if you could use a stuffed animal wrapped with saran wrap or a trash bag, instead of a balloon?You know, giver it a teddy bear shape or something?
The balloon is used because it has its own shape, inner pressure and because it's easy to remove once your base is dry. Now, for more complex shapes you start making limb-shaped tubes (the technique is the same), then you attach them to your base. Believe me, this basic technique can grow a lot: I once saw a life-sized pit bull piñata.
made these all the time
haha kiteman sorry but a piñata was used in Mexico before and in your birthday party later xD haha so is kinda fair to be written by someone form there :P hehe i made one with balloons and some cardboard with Sulley's body i won a lil contest with it xD
¡Muy bien hecho, quiero la manera es todo velloso yo generalmente los hago fuera de enrolló papel pero suyo es mejor!
Oh, why do people keep doing this to me? I've got the text to my own pinata instructable sitting in my unpublished folder... all I was waiting for was time to actually <em>do</em> it and take photos...<br/><br/>Syribia, would you like to see the text to see if I got it right?<br/>
I have been out of my house for the past 2 months, plenty of time to get instructables and random projects done. I know what you mean, i have about 300 pictures of projects that i have done, and write-ups that need pictures. but knowing me i will either forget about them until others post them, or 'wait' until i get the other part done.
Yes, of course
Woot! I'm gonna have a blast making this tomorrow! -JL
Cool, here check out the pinata I made for my sons pirate party:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v155/MDWillington1976/richardsmommy/?action=view&amp;current=HPIM1082.flv">http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v155/MDWillington1976/richardsmommy/?action=view&amp;current=HPIM1082.flv</a><br/>
es bueno saber que todavia hay mexicanos logeados en instructables , excelente trabajo y bien explicado
Gracias :) que gusto me dio ver el primer comentario en español y de un compatriota.
cuando yo hago mis piñatas, normalmente les decoro con el papel espesando con la base de la piñata, a, y luego subiendo, mientras que aplique el papel. es mas fácil de esa manera.
Very well done iBle, great pix and nice clear instructions. I'm sure you have made a lot of kids very happy doing this. Thanks for sharing.

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