Step 5: Decorating our pinata

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We are going to make an easy one: a football balon pinata.

You will need:
white and black crepe paper, scissors and our homemade glue

Cut the crepe paper in shreds, like te ones in the photo, glue it with a small quantity of glue and adhere it to our pinata starting on the top of it.

The trick is to adhere the shreds under the one above (see second photo)

Continue adhering shreds to the pinata until is all covered. (see photo)

Now if you have black crepe paper, use the same technique like the white paper and cut out tiny shreds and form with it the pentagons of the balon, if you don`t have it (like me), use another paper, make some pentagons and adhere it to you pinata (if you can do it with crepe paper it will look better however it will take more time and patience to complete)

We are done, just fill it with candies and fruits and gather some children of all ages to help you break it.

And because is done only with paper and homemade glue its enterely biodegradable.

I'm working to make a clown and a star (as soon as I'm done, I'll update this instructable), but the technique is the same you just have to make some changes to get your figure. You can also make other figures like a carrot just use your imagnation, look around you and see for carton or papers you can recycle and convert it into a pinata. Also if you are short of newspaper, you can recycle any other kind of paper for making a pinata but maybe you will need more glue if you use thick papers.

Final note:
I now, I now: the football balon looks a little bit weird because the shreds are very big for the size of my example pinata, also I hadn't black crepe paper so I had to stick paper pentagons on the pinata and, it lost a little bit its shape. The explanation for the big shreds is that my niece cut it so you can't ask a little girl to cut it nice and thin; however she did a nice job and I'm proud of it.