Are you tired of office/classroom/backyard wars without any stylish or efficient weapons?

Tired of getting shot with a cheap plastic bb gun that hurts like hell and breaks after 5 shots?

Do you want to shoot your colleagues/friends without having to worry about the danger off hurting them? Do you want to have a gun that will never break and requires extremely little maintenance?

Well then congratulations this instructable is perfect for you. Because today you will learn how to make a ping pong ball gun out of wood!

Allright so as I told you I will show you how to make a ping pong ball gun. I made this gun for classroom- and office-wars but as these guns will last a long while I can imagine that if I get kids even they can still enjoy these great toys :) I must say that I have had alot of fun with this gun and alot of people have already asked me to build them one to. I figure it's mostly because they are tired of getting shot with no means of returning fire but alot of people also admire the simplicity of the gun but at the same time the enormous amounts of fun you can have with it.

As you can hear I'm pretty proud about this gun. It has many advantages to it and almost no disadvantages. It's a great father son project or if your kids are to young to help just to make something  fun and cheap for them to play with. It's also the perfect weapon for any office- or classroom-war. As the name of the gun says it's a gun that shoots ping pong balls. So you really don't have to worry about any danger as a ping pong ball has never hurt anyone. So it's alot safer then a bb gun and is also alot sturdier. Where bb guns are mostly made from little plastic pieces which break easily and render the gun useless my gun is made from a solid piece of wood and all parts are found around the house making it easy to replace something in the (very) unlikely event something should get broken.

It's therefore my believe that this is the perfect gun for any child, teenager or adult who wants to have some harmless fun in the classroom, office or backyard.

This instructable is entered in the "DadCanDo Family Fun" contest so when the time comes for voting and you find this ible to be a winner please vote for me :)

If this instructable was of interest to you it may also interest you that I made a second ible about how to make a clothespin luger rubberband gun. So if you're interested in wooden guns be sure to check that one out to and let me know what you think :)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

For this project you will need

  • Sander
  • Jigsaw (powertool)
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Clamps
  • An adjustable workbench (or something else  you can clamp your  wood on and easily saw it)
  • Wood 10cm / 3.9inch * 13.8 inch cm atleast and 2 cm / 0.8 inch thick (any wood will do, I actually used a pallet my dad brought home to use as firewood.
  • a Rectangular piece of wood. 15 cm / 5.9 inch * 2 cm / 0.8 inch and 1 cm / 0.4 inch thick
  • two eye-bolts
  • 4 nuts that fit on the bolts
  • 4 small nails or screws
  • A clothespin

It's like a little crossbow, except with ping pong balls and without the bow part. <br>You should make an instructable with this stock, but with a bow and chopstick arrows.
<p>nice picture</p>
Some slight modifications as I like to make thing using only wood. Thanks for the idea it made great Xmas gifts
<p>Thanks for the Instructable. We had just visited a salvage yard and my daughter said &quot;let's build something when we get home&quot;. We searched Instructables and found your build. She immediately said &quot;that one!&quot;. A few hours later it was done and she was target practicing with plastic cups. Thanks again.</p>
Sounds like fun! I'll have to try this sometime, great idea!!!
That is great Dude!!
My fiance's uncle brought 4 of those to christmas dinner... we had so much fun harassing all the kids with those.
My husband made these for our grown kids, and they LOVE them! They shoot really far, and were cost effective to make. Great instructions - Thank You!
this is cool, but i would base it off a scrossbow rather than a slingshot
Really cool but when i make mine i will make a shotgun model and i will make it so you actually have to load the balls into the side and it will have a barrel i appreciate the idea thanks
if you used fishing line rather than a rubberband, would it be able to fire rocks like a slingshot?
now if you want smoke just replace the ping pong ball with a ping pong smoke bomb. BINGO!!! you can prob find how to make a ping pong smoke bomb somvere on this site
Extend the &quot;magazine&quot; to 5 or 6 capacity so it is a Blunderbuss esque weapon.
it would be cool if you made different kinds of ping pong ammunitions, such as one of those glow in the darks, or flour grenades made out of ping pongs. just suggestions...anyways nice tutorial!
Interesting suggestion, perhaps for the future it would make a cool extra minitutorial within my instructable. For now however I really don't have the time. I'm busy developing new guns and my vacation to Austria comes up in three days. But thank you for the suggestion :)
Great instructable!!! One question...how heavy did your gun turn out to be??? Is it something a 5 year old could handle???
thank you, I don't think so but to be sure I would print out the template (the word document in step 2) cut it out and put it in your sons/daughters hands. If he/she can wrap her hand around it and reach to the top with her thumb it's good. It'll only cost 5 minutes and then you can be sure. If it is not the case you can always adjust the template by right clicking, then selecting size and adjusting the length. You'll have to change the holes ofcourse but those are changeable in the document themselfs (they are dragable seperatly). I hope this helped you, any more questions please ask :)
Nice project! It looks like it could be simplified (like the eyebolts seem superfluous), and it looks like with a little tweaking you could add the ability to give the ball a backspin or topspin to shoot under obstacles and around corners.
I disagree, the eyebolts make the project easier then it normally would. If I didn't use the eyebolts I had to go with a piece of wood and that would mean I needed to attatch that to the gun using glue or nails. And believe it or not but this gun deals with alot of force when the rubberband is tied back so I don't think it would hold very well with glue. Nails could work but I find it easier to drill a hole and putting an eye-bolt through it then having to nail something stuck from the other side.<br> <br> Other then that yes it's perfectly possible to tweak this to shoot under obstacles or around corners. I never hada war though where I had the time to aim in such a way that I could make it fly around a corner though. But yes it's possible :)<br>
I was just visualizing making the crosspiece taller and making one of those large holes in it so the ball fires through the center of the crosspiece. As far as the flying around corners is concerned I was thinking for games other than battles, like frisbee golf or obstacle target practice.
This brings up good memories, Nice project :) I myself have made some detailed plans for making a pingpongball/marbel shooting crowwbow-like gun sometime ago, maybe I'll even start buidlidng it after reading this instructions :p
It'd be happy to see what you come up with based on my instructions :) If you finish it comment on this ible and attatch a picture of the result with it, I'd be happy to see it. Note that marbles hurt like hell though and aren't really safe projectiles ;)
Oh, it isn't really based on your instructable, I made some sketches quite a while ago but I never actually build it, your instructable just reminded me of them. But i'll be happy to post a link/picture/etc if I actually get to building it (maybe make an instruction out of it :p ) And yes: Marbles can hurt, but you can use those if you want to use it for things like target shooting, cause they get a lot further then pingpong balls. I indeed wouldn't recommend using them for ofice fights and such :)
I might modify it to shoot Nerf darts. I'm not going to post it on Instructables though.
Cool! I like the mechanism, though you must pull the rubber to do another shot. I was thinking to make it pulled automatically. Maybe with a spring? But it'll slow down the rubber though.
Interesting although you should elaborate further. And yes I think the spring will slow down the rubberband. But how do you think the sping will pull it back completely?<br> <br> I would say that the easiestway to accomplish pulling the rubber back would be to attatch it to a string and put the string on a device like with a fishpole so you can wheel the rubber band back in. ofcourse then you will have to operate that :p<br> <br> But it's really not such an effort to pull it back in anyway so perhaps those mechanisms are to complicated for what they are worth...<br> <br> I'm interested though what you have in mind, so if you could attatch a sketch in your next comment explaining how it works I'd be happy to look at it for you and give you tips how to build it :)<br>
Thanks, I appreciate it, but I'm a bit busy so I don't have time to find the materials. Because it's really hard to find specific materials in my city. My other idea is to make flamethrower from a water gun, though it failed and too risky. because if I change the water into oil and put a fire in front of it, there's a possibility the flame will get into the water gun and explodes. My newest project, is to make a switch-blade claw like Freddy Krueger's, well if you can help I really really appreciate it. Lol<br>
would it be possible to make a modified version similar to a rubber band gun with the wheel but a trigger also?
a fun and reasonably easy 'ible. excellent job on the English, too!
Very cool! I like the compact design.
Thanks :)<br> <br> The compact design is especially handy when teachers or bosses enter the room ;)<br> <br> &quot;Michel did you just fire that ping pong ball?&quot;<br> <br> &quot;No sir how could I have done that? I don't have anything I could use to fire those with...&quot;<br> <br> &quot;Hmm yes that's true..&quot;<br>
Pretty cool, but doesn't the rubberband just slip over the ping-pong ball and shoot it into the ground?
Depends how the rubber band is bending after it is released as well as how the ends are mounted.
I don't see how that matters at all. Since the ping-pong ball can just spin the rubberband will just glide over the top of it. Referring to this run, the rubberband is way to high to shoot the ping-pong ball effectively. A ram style shooting method would work much better.
If you position the rubberband correctly, it would hit the middle and it KAPOW, bye bye ball. Even if it were just above centre, it would still fire away.
As I said before, i'm referring to the pictured one, which has the rubberband positioned a ways above the center of the ping-pong ball.
To answer that question, yes it is centered above the middle of the ball. It's because the clothespin was thicker then I expected. But I must say it fires away very well. I never had a problem with a ping pong ball that stayed put while the rubberband had already fired.<br> <br> If this however concerns you and you want to make sure it hits the ball midcenter, just use my template and then cut a little of the top. This way your problem is solved :)<br> <br> But again I never had any problems while firing this at people in my yard. And it never just shot in the ground it always went straightforward very well.<br>
Well ok then. I'll take your word for it. Thanks.
Your welcome, but if it bothers you you should just cut off a little piece of the top. I don't know if the PPB will go farther if it's fired mid centered but I can imagine it would.<br> <br> It's something I'll consider for the next one I build (it's unbelievable how many requests I get from friends now to build them guns) but for the current one it's not worth the trouble of removing everything and cutting it off. It fires a solid 5 meters now and that's all I need :)<br>
I like how you made places for extra ping pong balls.When you said that english was your 4th language I was shocked, because It was perfect.<br> <br> AI
Why thank you :) I try really hard to get as many spelling errors out of the ibles I make as I can. Kiteman did a quick check for me and he found only 3 small errors so I was really happy with that :) Yeah if you're living in a multi-language mess of a land as our's (Belgium) You have to learn them from school, Dutch French and German because they are the official language's and English because it's the international language.
Well if you ever want I will look over one of your instructables for errors too.<br> <br> AI<br>
Why thank you :) I'll definitly hold you to it :)
very nice, looks like a flintlock ping pong pistol! you mention &quot;beer pong&quot;. you could combine the 2 and play Redneck Beer Pong, shooting the balls into the cups, or devise any variation of guns, beer &amp; balls! Do you think waxing the runway on which the ball slides would make any difference? or perhaps a hard varnish? worth the effort for the tiniest increase in FPS, you think?
Well I think that a redneck version of beer pong with this gun would definitly speak to the more grownup people who see this ible and I think I'll try it sometime :D it sounds fun!<br> <br> And as far as waxing the runway, I think it will benifit the guns shooting-range as the friction would be much lower allowing the PPB to shoot away at a faster speed. I tried to get the friction down by just sanding the runway extensivly but waxing it or varnishing would definitly help more. I just don't know if it would be noticibly increase the guns range. But it's certainly worth a try :)<br> <br> And in the event it doesn't,&nbsp; nothing is lost since the PPB is hold in it's place by the rubberband in the first place so yeah in the end it can only improve the gun or change nothing. Definitly worth a shot. If you try it out tell me how it went :)<br>
I video of you shooting it would be cool. How far does it go?
A video is coming following the advice Kiteman gave me :)<br> <br> As far as distance goes it all depends on which rubberband you utilize. I used one of those Knex rubberbands that was laying around in my desk from my knex days long ago.<br> <br> It's not the best one I could use (still waiting for my dad to bring me some mailman rubberbands, those are good) but this one shoots 5 meters with ease, more is possible with compensating (pointing the gun slightly in the air)<br>
I'm into designing steel knives and such now, but I'm still amused by things like this. :D I'll have to make one sometime ;)

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