How to Make Plasma With Microwave and Lightbulb





Introduction: How to Make Plasma With Microwave and Lightbulb

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Create plasma in your microwave!!! All you need is a lightbulb and a microwave. Very easy and dirt cheap. This was my first youtube video ever. SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL



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    The molecule of any gas is a negatively charged ion orbiting around a positively charged core ion but when you alter the molecule electrically the negatively charged ion stops orbiting the core and they create a neutrally charged substance or the fourth state of matter, plasma. When the negatively charge ion stops orbiting they both freely bounce around in the container they are being held in, in this case a glass. Some commonly used gasses or materials used to mke plasma are Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Magnesium, and Bismuth. Krypton, Argon and Xenon are used in neon lights and bismuth subsalicylate is the main ingredient in kaopectate and pepto "BIS"mol. Hoped I helped!

    plasma would be a mix of gases heated up to extreme temperatures. the sun uses plasma to send out its light. such as taking oxygen and carbon dioxide and heating it in you're microwave in a small strong container that you can see through and it takes the gases and heats them up. note that only works if you light a match and microwave because even fire is a type of plasma. it is burning oxygen. hope that helped

    actually, plasma is not a gas. it is a fourth state of matter.

    plasma is composed of dissociate ionized particles, such as electrons (i.e. an electrical spark)

    How to do you know that it is plasma? Just because it looks like plasma doesn't mean that it's plasma.

    Indeed a spiffy trick, but I have to side with the others and say that this might not be the safest thing in the world to do. If you like the plasma bit, try a lit match (use some tacky or something to hold it upright, ignite it, place the cup over it with your soap dishes, then run the microwave. Again with this method, I don't know if it emits any form of dangerous radiation or what not, but it's quite fun to watch.

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    Lol I know, right?

    I saw this from a British TV show called "Brainiac: Science Abuse".

    It was so epic. It's like Mythbusters, but with more science in it.

    Just a warning to anyone wanting to try this. Incandescent light bulbs will put off x-rays. This can be damaging to your cells as well as your eyes if you watch directly. Attempt only with extreme caution!

    dude, thats really dangerous, seeing as the #1 rule of a microwave is never put metal objects into it, also the bulb might have lead in it so you might be slowly killing your self and you have no idea what the plasma might do to you.