Picture of How to make a plastic bottle shuttlecock!
This is a instructable on "how to make a plastic bottle shuttlecock", it involves cutting the neck of the bottle off, and cutting the plastic (curvy top bit) into "feathers", It works relatively well for a DIY shuttlecock, but a bit heavy and has a dodgy flight pattern. This is a very simple instructable, but the cutting of the feathers is quite fiddly. There is a video of the final shuttlecock being served, this is on the final step! Good luck and experiment with it!

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Step 1: What you need!

Picture of What you need!
A plastic bottle - To form the shuttlecock from
Scalpel or Craft knife - To separate the neck and body, (scissors really don't work here)
Scissors (smaller the better) - To cut the feathers, (craft knife really doesn't work here)
Masking tape - To pad the shuttle's base
Fingers etc - to handle all above

Step 2: Make a template thingy around the bottle.

Picture of Make a template thingy around the bottle.
Draw the feathers on the neck/top of base of the bottle. You don't have to keep to this too much, but its good to have just to keep everything even. (sorry about terrible drawing)

Step 3: Cut it down to about 6cm from the bottle.

Picture of Cut it down to about 6cm from the bottle.
Do that
Its best to cut the base of the bottle 6cm from the bottle first with the craft knife, then cut the feathers with scissors.

Step 4: Start cutting the feathers.

Picture of Start cutting the feathers.
Doesn't have to be too accurate, but keep them all the same length. Also try to cut the feathers close to the neck as possible.

Step 5: Add padding.

Picture of Add padding.
After you've done that, start wrapping tape around the bottle cap, so that it sticks out. ALOT!
Then cut the bit that sticks out every 5mm or so, and push all the "teeth down"
Then completely cover it with more tape, making sure its as even as possible.

Step 6: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
Have fun, and experiment with different bottles and different "feather" lengths, this should affect the speed and the distance that it travels before falling.

Video - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=QlEurgoIECA

Its very noisy and not super accurate, but it works and travels quite far.
denniSinned4 years ago
what racquet do you use?
Uncle Kudzu6 years ago
not a bad idea, seeing as how a heavy-ish shuttlecock is not easy to find in some locales. may have to try this. i must say, however, that you might want to consider some better pictures to go along with your good idea.
csmiler6 years ago
it might be bad for the racket
Chicken22096 years ago
very cool how does it work?
how well*
jackcday (author)  Chicken22096 years ago
Quite well, it spins a bit though, and feels a bit heavy. I'm sure that getting it to fly straight is just perfecting the design.
You could add bounce and stability by putting a cross section of Super Ball on the cap. The extra weight in the nose should make it fly farther and straighter .... I think.
paulpcc6 years ago
interesting :)