This Instructable is pretty simple. It is used to make a pocket for a laccrosse head. If your going to make this you probably know what a pocket is and how you want it so lets begin!

Step 1: Materials

1 big giant bolt with a pointed front (at least six inches)
1 laccrosse ball
1 piece of thick plexiglass ( a 1 foot square at lowes or homedepot is 5$ or so)

coping saw or other hand saw

Step 2: Making the Plexiglass Part

first find out how wide your head is at the spot where you want the pocket , then cut a piece of plexiglass 1 inch wide and about 1 inch longer than the spot on your head.
then drill a hole slightly smaller then the threads of the bolt right in the center. grab a wrench that fits your bolt and crank it through the hole you made to thread it!

Step 3: Cutting the Ball

Attempt to do this next part with any type of power tool whatsoever only use hand tools!
the rubber in the ball is very grippy and is likely to grab onto the blade of any power tool and through it at extremely high speeds!

clamp the coping saw upside down in a vise so the blade is sticking up and pull the ball over it till you cut through.

with your bolt and wrench poke the end of the bolt in the ball and crank the bolt about half way in the ball and we are done!

Step 4: Using

slide the hole part into your head so the plexiglass in in the middle of the two bars where you want your pocket
the crank it till its the depth you want and leave it over night!
You might want to wet the mesh

I've played Lacrosse (that's how it's spelled, btw) and I don't understand how this is filed under tech. Also, attaching a handle to the adjustment screw would make things a lot easier. Good Instructable.

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