How to Make a Pocket Sized Airsoft Gun



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Introduction: How to Make a Pocket Sized Airsoft Gun

Step 1: Things You Will Need

The first things you are going to need is a bic pen and a bic penceil a ruber band and some tape

Step 2: Getting Started

Now take the pen and take it apart then get the tube and bite the cork on the end off

Step 3:

then take the penceil and take it apart and take the inside eracer and all and stick it through the pen

Step 4: Almost Done

then take the rubber band and put it on each side of the pen then tape it in the midle and cut it on the side oposite to the eracer and cut a slit on the eracer and slid the rubber band in

Step 5:

Then put the bb in pull the eracer back and let go



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