Looking around instructables, I was surprised that my searches into making pokéballs yielded nothing, so I thought 'What could be better to make from a video game than a pokéball?' I mean, you can catch wild animals with them, completely eliminating the need for digging a giant pit and covering it with leaves, or setting up an elaborate snare! You could probably even catch humans with them!

But lets not get sidetracked. The moral issue of catching animals, forcing them to live inside little balls and occasionally fight one another is for another day. I'm just here to tell you how to make one.

This is a relatively quick and cheap way to make a pokéball, either as a prop, or to store stuff in (pikachu statues). The actual making time was 2-3 hours of solid work. It's not as easy as it looks and if I had two or three days to do it, it probably would have turned out a lot better.

I'm not liable for any injuries caused making this project. I'm paranoid, OK?

If anything isn't clear, just leave a commment and I'll sort it out. Sorry for the blurry photos, it was dark by the time I'd finished and my camera's not brilliant. Also sorry for the quality of the build, I was under pressure to finish it (I did it in about five hours, including getting the materials.

Step 1: Materials

Quite a lot needed for this one.

Materials I used (substitute in whatever you need to)

2 Cardboard eggs
Some kind of black plastic (flexible, but not too much)
2 Washers (one slightly smaller than the other)
Red and white paint
Small amount of (duct) tape

For the electronics

10(ish) really bright LEDs
9v Battery
Push to Break switch
Resistor (Calculate it for your specific LEDs here )


Stanley knife
hi, i have a small problem, i cannot find two cardboard eggs AT ALL. is there anything else that is suitable thx BOOYAKASHA MICKEY
I'm gonna try this
That's awesome I'm a big Pokémon fan
thanks for the instructable, i have decided to make my own using a old ball :D
I was actually going to do the same thing for this contest :D<br>Decided that my time was better spent studying for school though :(
Yeah, it was harder than I thought it would be :) <br>Your time was probably better spent on your schoolwork though.
Walk down the road and throw it at a random stranger and scream <br>&quot;I CHOOSE YOU!!&quot;

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