Step 7: Electronics (optional)

This is only if you want a cool glow when you open your pokéball! First, wire the circuit. It should go negative end of the battery, Push to break switch, resistor, and then the LEDs. The positive end of the first LED is connected to the resistor, and the negative end is connected to the positive of the next LED. It keeps going like this (positive to negative of last LED and negative to positive of next LED) until the last one where the negative is connected to the other end of the battery.

Now put tape around all the exposed wires (we don't want any short-circuits). Put the circuit into the pokéball and glue all of the LEDs in the places you want. Tape down the battery because you might want to change that sometime.

Glue the push to break just behind the rim of the pokéball in a place where, if the ball is closed, it will be pushing down the button. You could glue it at the front, at the sides or even at the back but make sure that when it's closed, the button is pushed down.

The electronics make it so that, when the ball is closed, the lights are off, and when it's open, they're on, creating the effect of you sending out your pokémon!

You could solder in an SPST (on/off) switch in to make sure that if the ball accidently opens, you don't waste all the battery.
hi, i have a small problem, i cannot find two cardboard eggs AT ALL. is there anything else that is suitable thx BOOYAKASHA MICKEY
I'm gonna try this
That's awesome I'm a big Pokémon fan
thanks for the instructable, i have decided to make my own using a old ball :D
I was actually going to do the same thing for this contest :D<br>Decided that my time was better spent studying for school though :(
Yeah, it was harder than I thought it would be :) <br>Your time was probably better spent on your schoolwork though.
Walk down the road and throw it at a random stranger and scream <br>&quot;I CHOOSE YOU!!&quot;

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