It's no secret I'm a fan of pin cushions.. So lately I've been making quite a few. They resemble cute and (not so) cuddly porcupines and hedgehogs! The one I made today is a cute little porcupine. Here's a tutorial so you can do it too:

Step 1: What You Need:

First, you'll need two different colors of felt, matching thread, scissors, a needle, a little poly-fil, the pattern I've provided and some pins of course.

Step 2: Cutting the Pattern / Felt

You'll need to cut out four ear pieces, two head pieces, two body pieces and one belly piece. I chose to make the body pieces a different color than the rest of the pieces, but that's a choice you can make yourself.

Step 3: Make the Ears

First, take two of the ear pieces, place them together and sew (using a tiny, tiny blanket stitch) around the edges, leaving the bottom open. Turn inside out.

Step 4: Make the Ears, Cont.

Squeeze the sides together and sew back and forth a few times so it resembles a little porcupine ear.

Step 5: Connecting the Body

Place the right sides of the body and the head, sandwiching the ear in between and sew, using (again) a tiny, tiny blanket stitch.

You should have two porcupine sides, mirror image of each other.

Step 6: Connecting the Body, Cont.

Place right sides together and sew using, once again, an incredibly tiny blanket stitch. Leave the bottom open.

Step 7: Connecting the Belly

Grab the bottom/belly piece and sew it to the sides of the porcupine. Make sure you leave a little of the back open.

Step 8: Stuffing the Porcupine

Turn inside out. Stuff with a little polyfil until you reach the desired stuff-ness. (Is that a word?)
Then sew closed using a ladder stitch.

Step 9: Put a Pin in It!

Cute! Now, it will resemble a mouse until you start putting the pins in it. Then it should look like a porcupine.

Place a couple of pins in the head for eyes.
This is absolutely adorable!
<p>I've called mine &quot;Stanley&quot; and he's a mouse, not a hedgehog. I added a tail (I wanted to have a go at making a tail that could be bent and shaped) - out of a bundle of of #30 wire and wool roving, covered in variegated green wool in buttonhole stitch and then felted, because the buttonhole stitches tend to slip to expose the wire and wool underneath otherwise.<br>I also added eyes and a nose that were on wires, stitching the wires back into the skull felt to add some additional shape - that's why he's got some uplift on his nose.</p><p>I just added some ribbon front feet, so I can pin him to the side of the couch where I embroider.<br>Thanks so much for the pattern - I love my Stanley!</p>
I love it! Here's mine, I just finished it :)
Very cute! I love the colors!
So cute and useful!
Totally adorable - but I think its a hedgehog! <br>I'm going to make a whole bunch for Christmas gifts. <br>Thanks!
Hello beautiful ladies! A magnet glued inside the belly might be useful. Or not. Nice work!
O.k., this is way cute. I was curious as to how the ears were attached, and now I know! These are so sweet and would be great at a craft show! Or, make them a little larger and put catnip in them along with the stuffing and let the cat have a toy:) Thanks for the pattern and instructions.
how cute! I'd love to make one &amp; now I know how, cute tutiorial &amp; very decriptive instructions!
Very charming!
my grandmother used to fill hers (and now ours) with hair, that way the pins do not get rusty.... keep hair from your next visit to the hairdresser...
Thank you! I needed a respectable pincushion. My boyfriend thought my old one was a wadded up sock. LOL.
Awesome! :)
Btw that's a hedgehog
Thanks for your concern, but it's whatever I want it to be. If you make one, you can call it a hedgehog.
Super cute idea I luv it!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!!! ;)
So clever!
That is so adorable, great idea for a pincushion!
This is just soo creatively cute!!!!! Nice job!
This is CUTE !!!!!!
That's so cute and its useful!
Lol awesome!!
He's adorable! And you got just the right amount of stuff-ness!

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