Sore ass? Lack of padding on uncomfortable chairs can lead to this painful disposition. Make this attractive and customized cushion easily. Bring new life to ugly or uncomfortable chairs.
Tech shop has a full sewing and textiles facility  so you can easily crank this project out. Why buy a sewing machine and worry about the space and set up when you can come to Techshop.
So if you’ve ever had a padded dining room chair that the padding is wearing out in terms of cushioning but don’t want to reupholster the whole thing, this just might be the answer for you. A 2” high density foam pad to put on top of your already covered chair adds enough extra cushioning so you aren’t squirming during dessert  to get up. It’s also portable so you can take it anywhere a little extra cushioning is needed.

Step 1: Materials List

Pre cut  15” X 17” X 2” high density foam pad (or one cut to whatever size is desired)
Enough fabric to cover both sides  (3/4 of a yard of 45” width fabric would be ample)
Matching thread
Sewing machine
Scissors and pins
Cutting board or table top would work fine
<p>I have a couple of suggestions you can try. Easiest would be to fold the cushion in half until it is all the way in pouch and then open and nudge into the corners. The other option would be use a cotton lining cut to the same size as the flannel which would also give it some extra strength. You might try using velcro instead of hand sewing the last seam for easy removal. Hope this helps!</p>
<p>I am making a cushion but would like the foam to be removable so I can wash the cover. I am planning on using a flannel fabric but the foam sticks to it when trying to slip it in and out of the fabric pouch. Any suggestions on how to make it easier to slide in and out?</p>
Excellent instructable, thanks for posting. We need to make (or buy) 8 cushions for 4 chairs and these may fill the bill. Have to break out the old sewing machine, though, no tech shop around here.

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