How to make a portable container (pencil holder)

Picture of How to make a portable container (pencil holder)
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What you need :
1. Cardboard tubing
2. Thick cardboard (for the base)
3. A saw / Hacksaw
4. Some fine sandpaper/emery paper
5. White glue
6. A utility knife
7. A wooden spindle
8. A wooden knob
9. Paint (spray or brush on)
10. Elementary skills and persistence 
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Step 1: Cutting three lengths from a piece of cardboard tubing

Picture of Cutting three lengths from a piece of cardboard tubing
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Cut three equal lengths each about 4 inches long from a piece of salvaged cardboard tubing using a saw / hacksaw.
Now bevel one end of each piece by removing a small piece of tubing.  Finish the pieces by smoothing down the rough edges using fine sand / emery paper.
Place the three cut and finished pieces of tubes on a flat surface, and align the edges so that a triangle is formed in the center. When satisfied with the symmetry, use a couple of rubber bands to hold the three pieces together. Number the pieces 1,2 & 3 and run a pencil up and down in the grooves between them. 

Step 2: Joining the tubes

Picture of Joining the tubes
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Remove the rubber bands and place a streak of glue along the previously made pencil marks. Position the tubes in the previously numbered sequence on a flat surface, bring them together, bind them with the rubber bands  and allow the glue to dry.

Step 3: Attaching the base

Picture of Attaching the base
Once the three tubes have been joined together, it is time to apply the base. A generous amount of glue is applied to the edges of the three tubes before  placing  onto a cardboard sheet  placed on a flat surface. Press the tubes  down  onto the cardboard (using a weight) till the glue dries. Once the base is firmly adherent, cut off the excess card using a utility knife or hacksaw blade and sand down the edges till a satisfactory finish has been achieved. These three pieces of  tubes joined together form the container.
EmmieTuesday4 months ago

Hello -- This is lovely work. Very useful. I bring colored pencils to workshops at a retirement estate. I will be reusing square cardboard tubes from a visit to china!

Thank you for sharing your idea!

poofrabbit4 years ago
I really enjoy this! Very nice work! Think it would work with pvc pipe?
Rizwan Azami (author)  poofrabbit4 years ago
Yes it would, except that you'd have to use PVC solution to get the pieces to adhere to each other and / or epoxy on the roughened PVC surface and to attach the spindle to the tubes. Thank you for the compliment and I am happy that you enjoyed it. Rizwan.
Cool! I'm going to give it a try (both ways). I do art projects with kids and this would be a fantastic quick and easy way to get materials out to large groups!
Rizwan Azami (author)  poofrabbit4 years ago
Please do and let me know how it turns out, for that will be the true test of the instructable. If using PVC tubes you would have to use PVC sheet for the base or cut a piece of PVC tubing in its long axis and use a heat gun to flatten / straighten the curve in the tube before attaching it with PVC solution as the base of the container to the three tubes. Rizwan Azami.
ramhardikar4 years ago
Very nice..
splazem4 years ago
Very handy!
ChrysN4 years ago