How to Make a Portable Stacraft Flashdrive





Introduction: How to Make a Portable Stacraft Flashdrive

All you need:
A flashdrive devoted to this
And a computer

PLEASE COMMENT! this is my 2nd instructable. I need tips and ideas!

Step 1:

Obtain a copy of starcraft.
Just buy and install, or get a iso.
make sure it is updated or it wont work without a cd.

Step 2:

copy the insides of the STARCRAFT directory. paste it on the root of your flashdrive.

Step 3:

now, to make the autorun.

just simply copy the text below and save it as Autorun.inf (put in root of flashdrive)

Action=Press "OK" to start StarCraft Portable.

Step 4:

Now that you have that done you can hide the files (optional)

just go into properties and click hidden

Step 5:

YAY! you are now done!

When you plug in your flash drive, it will show an autoplay window asking you if you want to play STARCRAFT.



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    If I put both Starcraft and Diablo II on a flash drive, could I add another autorun option? like one would say "play Starcraft", and another say "play Diablo II".

    I like the look of this but do you think you could do this with "Diablo II Lord of Destruction"?

    5 replies

    These days, you can go to the website, set up your account, and register a bunch of their games on that site. From then on, you can download the games directly from them and they're always up-to-date and don't require a CD to run. Not all of their games as supported at the moment, but StarCraft, Diablo II, Warcraft III, and WoW are all supported, I know that.

    yeah but this is for instant plug and play.

    im pretty sure if it can run without a cd

    also, if you tell me to do this with other games just ask and i will put up an instructable.

    It depends, only some games/programs let you do this. Your best bet is to just try it out.

    try looking on the torrent sites for the thinstall software and you can make more or less anything portable!