Introduction: How to Make a Portable Stacraft Flashdrive

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All you need:
A flashdrive devoted to this
And a computer

PLEASE COMMENT! this is my 2nd instructable. I need tips and ideas!

Step 1:

Obtain a copy of starcraft.
Just buy and install, or get a iso.
make sure it is updated or it wont work without a cd.

Step 2:

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copy the insides of the STARCRAFT directory. paste it on the root of your flashdrive.

Step 3:

now, to make the autorun.

just simply copy the text below and save it as Autorun.inf (put in root of flashdrive)

Action=Press "OK" to start StarCraft Portable.

Step 4:

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Now that you have that done you can hide the files (optional)

just go into properties and click hidden

Step 5:

YAY! you are now done!

When you plug in your flash drive, it will show an autoplay window asking you if you want to play STARCRAFT.


123for (author)2011-01-12

If I put both Starcraft and Diablo II on a flash drive, could I add another autorun option? like one would say "play Starcraft", and another say "play Diablo II".

SWV1787 (author)2009-05-03

I like the look of this but do you think you could do this with "Diablo II Lord of Destruction"?

DanceObnoxious (author)SWV17872009-05-05

These days, you can go to the website, set up your account, and register a bunch of their games on that site. From then on, you can download the games directly from them and they're always up-to-date and don't require a CD to run. Not all of their games as supported at the moment, but StarCraft, Diablo II, Warcraft III, and WoW are all supported, I know that.

shingonzo (author)DanceObnoxious2009-07-13

yeah but this is for instant plug and play.

fang113 (author)SWV17872009-05-03

im pretty sure if it can run without a cd

fang113 (author)fang1132009-05-03

also, if you tell me to do this with other games just ask and i will put up an instructable.

nachosyumm (author)SWV17872009-05-03

It depends, only some games/programs let you do this. Your best bet is to just try it out.

stoned_again (author)2009-05-04

try looking on the torrent sites for the thinstall software and you can make more or less anything portable!

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