Step 5: Create a 4 x 6 blank document

Picture of Create a 4 x 6 blank document
After you create your blank 4 x 6 document, go back to your picture that is now divided into 16 equal sections. Click window, arrange, tile. Now you can see both files. With layer 1 selected, use the arrow tool in the upper left hand corner to drag layer 1 to the new blank document. Click edit, free transform (Ctrl + T) and scale the image so it fits perfectly in the document. Now save that image. 

Do this process for the remaining 15 sections. 
zerfall3 years ago
You may want to make your 6x4 image at 300 dpi. That is the right resolution for printing to scale as long as you don't have to up scale the copied layer too much it will look much better, as long as you start with a large enough image.
LeahYeah3 years ago
to divide the image... i would make a 4x6 document... and i would paste it onto your image... then id duplicate it a few times...

select the layers and use the align tools to make sure its all accurate... then all you have to do is hold ctrl and click on each of the 4x6 layers and hey presto you have selections and all :)

ok after reading over my post i understand this sounds like a lot of trouble... but thats what id do... because i absolutely hate measuring and re measuring things only to find out in the end ive got the measurements wrong xP