Making posters and comics in MMD is no simple task. It's not drawing a picture, it's not posing with a Gravity Gun, it's editing. This is my second MMD tutorial.

Step 1: Load a Model and a Stage

Make sure to load a model and a stage.

Step 2: Now Select Your Model

Go to the model manipulation section and select your model.

Step 3: Start Selecting Joints

Step 4: Make a Pose

Pose your model. Remember: Not all models have bones for every part, so it may be hard sometimes.

Step 5: Add Effects

Add effects to make the scene more realistic (Unless your going for a cartoony TF2 look).
The effect I used here is the blood effect, which can be downloaded at LearnMMD.com.

Step 6: Make It Darker or Lighter.

If you want the scene to be more dark, simply use light manipulation section on the bottom on the screen.

Step 7: Open It in Photoshop, MS Paint, Etc

Add some text, edit a few bits (Paint in the red dot in the middle of the screen). Add some fonts, etc.

Step 8: Done!

It took me a few hours to throw this together. Hope it helped.

Happy MMDing!

And, if you want to test this with a deformed Johnny Ghost that got ran over by a Combine and got lost in the 13th Dimension, click here. HERE

Step 9: Byeh.

Step 10: Credits

  • kilala1148 for the Marionette model
  • LearnMMD.com for the blood effect
  • And me for teh posta.
<p>I liek toast. </p>
<p>I LIEK TRAINZZZZZ</p><p>(and splendorman)</p>
<p>An example of using more shaders in the Light Manipulation:</p>

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