Picture of How to make a pretty round box
Yes, it will be pretty round. How round? That depends on your scissors skills!

What you'll need:

-strong paper
-crayons, colour pencils, etc. (and fixing spray)
-a cutter
-a compass
-a ruler
-blunt scissors or a blunt knife
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Step 1: Cut & Decorate

Picture of Cut & Decorate
First, you need to cut out a circle which will be the bottom of your box. Cut along the line drawn by the compass as neatly as you can, otherwise your box won't be very round!
Then, draw a rectangle which will be the "body" of the box. Decorate it as you like.

You can choose their sizes as you wish, just remember:

-The width of the rectangle will be the height of the box.
-The length of the rectangle needs to fit around the circle (multiply the diameter of the circle by pi !)and you need at least 2 cm extra to glue it.
-BEFORE cutting out the rectangle: make sure to leave an extra cm on one length.

Step 2: Prepare the folding

Picture of Prepare the folding
Once you decorated the rectangle, place a ruler on the line between its length and the extra cm. Go over this line, along the ruler, with blunt scissors or a blunt knife. This will help you fold along the line later on.

Step 3: Cut it...

Picture of Cut it...
Next, cut the extra cm into little pieces with a cutter. Cut about every 0.5 cm, to make sure that the paper can still make a nice circle.

Once that's done, fold all the little pieces along the line you just traced with your blunt knife or scissors. Fold them towards the side that's not decorated.
Dzzy3 years ago
Thank You, Judith for a great tutorial. I had been looking around to make my own box since chipboard boxes I purchased, have such a tight fit I cannot cover them with paper. So I decided to make my own. With your help, my box is bound to be a success!
taciouno5 years ago
 thanks, I'm making a mach up for a design class without the book, this really helped me out.
ChrysN6 years ago
That's really cute, well done!
rimar20006 years ago
My daughter maked more than 15 years ago a cardboard box lined with cloth, and I use it daily. I take my remedies in it every morning. By the visible wear, I think it will last another 10 years.