How to make a printed circuit board (PCB) using the UV light LED method.

Step 2: Draw your circuit schematic.

Picture of Draw your circuit schematic.
eagle schematic.bmp
layout eagle.bmp
One circuit schematic/layout program that is free is EAGLE. The program can be downloaded from http://www.cadsoftusa.com/

Once the schematic and layout are drawn, it is time to print the layout onto a transparency.

To print only the desired circuit, turn on only the Top Layer, Pads, Vias, and Dimension. This is done by selecting View -> Display/Hide Layers in the Layout editor and selecting the correct settings.

The Layout is now ready to be printed, make sure that the image is mirrored so that text shows up correctly after being transferred onto the PCB. We printed the circuit with our Brother HL-2070N (on highest quality) laser printer and MG Chemicals transparencies.

Note: We originally bought transparencies for inkjet printers and laser printers (one side was textured for use with inkjet printers, the other side was smooth for laser printers). We had read a PCB tutorial where the guy used the textured transparency paper without problem. From our experience, the textured side did NOT allow UV light to pass through. Only use transparency paper with smooth surfaces.)