How to Make a Projector Screen From a DS





Introduction: How to Make a Projector Screen From a DS

Haven't you wanted to use a DS as a projector screen for Microsoft Windows, TV, video games and emulators? Today I'll show you how to make a projector screen from a DS. 

What you need is a Nintendo DS of any choice, a stand for anything and a projector.

Step 1: Tearing the DS Apart

Tear the DS into half using your hands.

Step 2: Finding a Stand

Find a stand that can hold anything to hold the DS top screen.

Step 3: Placing the Screen on Top

Place the DS's  top screen on the top of the stand.

Step 4: Plugging the Projector

Plug the projector into a wall outlet. Find a video game console or a computer to display image on the DS top screen. Finally move the projector closer to the DS top screen.

Step 5: You're Ready!

You can now enjoy using your DS projector screen for Microsoft Windows, TV, video games, emulators and more!



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    I don't get the point sorry but great work

    You could also make a 3D projector I think. I'm not sure though. Put the two screens perpendicular from each other and put some 50/50 glass at a 45 degree angle between the two. That would make kinda of a 3D tv. Then put a projector lens in front of that glass and it will project onto a wall. The two screens would need to be offset a little of course or else it will just be like putting two images on top of each other with no difference.

    why would you take a projector that can make a 40"+ screen on a wall and use it to make a 3" screen.....?