How to Make a Prop Cardboard Mini Gun





Introduction: How to Make a Prop Cardboard Mini Gun

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This will obviously show what is written above, but whe you're done you'll have a blast! :)
FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS beforeyou start to build. I take no responsibility if you somehow hurt anything with this. Thanks, and have fun.

Step 1: Materials and Things You'll Need

You will need:
an adhesive, I used tape.
4 (or more) paper towel rolls.
one of those smaller, but thicker, paper towel roll look-a-likes (for the back handle)
an empty 2-liter
an empty water bottle,
an empty crescent roll container (or something to use as a handle)
a wooden stick (optional if you want a little more detail)

and of course, some spare time. :)

Step 2: Reference Pictures.

You'll see pictures below, these are what I used for reference for the mini gun.

Step 3: Onto the Building!

Don't look up here. :p
Just look at the pictures below for info and guidance.
This step is all about the barrel.

Step 4: The Body and Ammo Container.

Again, looking below helps. Take what you have so far and add a handle to it. Do this by taking a strip of cardboard 4 layers thick, cutting it half, and adding it to your empty crescent roll tube. Then add to your mini gun.

Step 5: Finishing Up...

Just adding the wooden stick to the bottom..



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    Im gonna make it without the ammo case but with an ammo belt, its probably gonna get all over th place, but i made a mini-minigun with an ammo belt and it looked awesome

    People say they can out smart me. This may be true, I have yet to meet someone who can outsmart bullets!

    2 replies

    Some people say they can out smart me. Maybe *sniff* maybe. I have yet to meet someone that can outsmart bullet.

    Heavy Weapons Guy quote, LOL!

    It loooks really goood :-]

    couldnt agree more, maybe white on the drum and black on the rest

    Im gonna do this but i will paper mache  it so all the suff looks nice and clean

    1 reply

    make sure to post a picture or two :)

    Cardboard is credit to team.

    you need 6 barrels. if you look up minigun on google or youtube they always have 6.

    1 reply

    actually a few of them have three. (or in the case of the GAU-8 gattling cannon mounted on the Warthog jet, 7 barrels =P)

    I'll probably paper mache it and paint it, like you guys said. I made the minigun on the last day of the contest, so I had to enter it or it wouldn't even be in here.
    I'll be updating it ever so often.
    thanks guys =]