This will obviously show what is written above, but whe you're done you'll have a blast! :)
FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS beforeyou start to build. I take no responsibility if you somehow hurt anything with this. Thanks, and have fun.

Step 1: Materials and Things You'll Need

You will need:
an adhesive, I used tape.
4 (or more) paper towel rolls.
one of those smaller, but thicker, paper towel roll look-a-likes (for the back handle)
an empty 2-liter
an empty water bottle,
an empty crescent roll container (or something to use as a handle)
a wooden stick (optional if you want a little more detail)

and of course, some spare time. :)

Step 2: Reference Pictures.

You'll see pictures below, these are what I used for reference for the mini gun.

Step 3: Onto the Building!

Don't look up here. :p
Just look at the pictures below for info and guidance.
This step is all about the barrel.

Step 4: The Body and Ammo Container.

Again, looking below helps. Take what you have so far and add a handle to it. Do this by taking a strip of cardboard 4 layers thick, cutting it half, and adding it to your empty crescent roll tube. Then add to your mini gun.

Step 5: Finishing Up...

Just adding the wooden stick to the bottom..
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<p>i like fogs to!</p>
yes it does make your arm look fat :P
yes it does make your arm look fat :P
Why only four barrels?
Oh my god who touched sasha
Im gonna make it without the ammo case but with an ammo belt, its probably gonna get all over th place, but i made a mini-minigun with an ammo belt and it looked awesome
People say they can out smart me. This may be true, I have yet to meet someone who can outsmart bullets!
Some people say they can out smart me. Maybe *sniff* maybe. I have yet to meet someone that can outsmart bullet.
Heavy Weapons Guy quote, LOL!
It loooks really goood :-]
I like sandvich.
give it a paint job and it will look cool.
couldnt agree more, maybe white on the drum and black on the rest
Im gonna do this but i will paper mache&nbsp; it so all the suff looks nice and clean<br />
cool!<br /> make sure to post a picture or two :)<br />
Cardboard is credit to team.
you need 6 barrels. if you look up minigun on google or youtube they always have 6.<br />
actually a few of them have three. (or in the case of the GAU-8 gattling cannon mounted on the Warthog jet, 7 barrels =P)
I'll probably paper mache it and paint it, like you guys said. I made the minigun on the last day of the contest, so I had to enter it or it wouldn't even be in here. <sup></sup><br/>I'll be updating it ever so often. <br/>thanks guys =]<br/>
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Paper mache it, sand it, then paint it. It would pretty dern good!

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