first of all what you need is:
baking soda
plastic wrap
container or bottle
one eigth drill bit

Step 1:

drill a hole in the center of the lid or cap so that a piece of string can get through so i recommend the 1 8th drill bit
Could have been clearer. Quite interesting though!
yah i guess it could have been but i was out of time
yah i could have and could you please subscribe i only have 1 subscriber and its me!
i didnt think it was very clear i dont get how it works????????????????????
Great idea for a non-explosive airsoft grenade. Some of the cqb fields my team plays at prohibits the use of explosive powered grenades. If I can get the aprroval of the other teams and of the officials I would make this my standard for grenades.
I like making these minus the bbs to just throw around. the downside to using this for airsoft is the fact that not every one wants to smell like vinegar after a battle.
dude thats amazing but i live in spain i dont now wats bakin soda in spanish but prety god i wil give you a 8 out of 10
Cool i live in spain too, what part are you from. <br>BTW is called bicarbonato sodico, or just bicarbonato.

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