How to make a purse out of a Dance Dance Revolution Dance Pad

Picture of How to make a purse out of a Dance Dance Revolution Dance Pad
If you find yourself with a dead Dance Pad like I did, you can make it into a purse. And you get to check out the guts which are pretty cool.
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Step 1: Collect all the stuff you'll need

Picture of Collect all the stuff you'll need
Go to a fabric store and pick out a cool style for your purse. Since the dance pad vinyl is pretty thick and inflexible, and you will have to turn the purse inside out to finish it, keep that in mind. Look for patterns made for stiff fabric / leather.

The pattern won't tell you this, but get some sheet foam, like an automotive headliner from the fabric store and use it as interfacing. It helps the dance pad vinyl look less wrinkly.

You'll need sharp scissors and a sewing machine. Depending on the style you choose you might need some zippers or similar fastener hardware.

Step 2: Cut up the Dance Pad

Picture of Cut up the Dance Pad
Cut off the binding along the edge to separate the layers. Save the top vinyl layer and do something interesting with the rest of it. You can see what the insides look like here on my blog: Liz Revision DDR Purse.

Step 3: Smooth out the wrinkles

Picture of Smooth out the wrinkles
If you have a heat gun, use it to flatten out the wrinkles. A hair dryer will probably work too. Either way just be careful so you don't melt it.

Step 4: Cut out the front and back panels of your purse

Picture of Cut out the front and back panels of your purse
I thought it would be cool to have "Cool!" on the front so this is how I chose to cut out the pieces.

Step 5: Cut out the lining

Picture of Cut out the lining
If your pattern involves pockets cut them out now too.

Step 6: Cut out the foam interfacing

Picture of Cut out the foam interfacing
It should be the same as the dance pad pattern you cut out.

Step 7: Sew the foam to the Dance Pad and sew the lining and pockets

I didn't read far enough ahead, but you're supposed to sew the lining together separately. And if you have pockets involved you sew them to the lining before you sew the lining into the purse.

Here I'm just sewing the foam and the lining and the dance pad all together.

Step 8: Sew the straps

Picture of Sew the straps
Depending on your pattern you may have straps or a strap.

Step 9: Attach the straps

Picture of Attach the straps

Step 10: Attach the zipper

Picture of Attach the zipper

Step 11: Attach the lining and sew the edges of the back together

Picture of Attach the lining and sew the edges of the back together
I forgot to take a picture of the sewn bottom corners, but I think you can imagine what it would look like since it's an inside-out version of the next step....
sassimo033 years ago
Awesome! Now I can get rid of my old dance pad without having to trash it and feel bad! Woot.
rachelmaryb4 years ago
One word: AWESOME!!!!
Saturn V4 years ago
That's neat. I'll have to beg my parents for a dance pad so I can make one for my friend.
NinjaBear4 years ago
elanimation5 years ago
This is so cool! Just one question: what pattern did you use for the bag? :O
Very cool reuse for those pads. I was a fan of the ones RedOctane made with the thick foam insert myself.
Oh man! I just got rid to two of these. Broken ones. Bummer. I'll be l=passing this on though, what a fun idea and a great conversation piece!
kawaiipeach5 years ago
Best purse ever!!!!! 
kmc5125 years ago
sweet idea! where'd you get the video game candy?
quantazelle (author)  kmc5125 years ago
Sunbanks5 years ago
Great job, this looks amazing! 
Bartboy5 years ago
Had to say that....
Looks good!
loppy965 years ago
dude bitchen
canida5 years ago
Whoa, neat!  Great job.