Picture of How to make a quick Candy Wrapper Corsage
My friend wanted to throw a elaborate 80's candy themed prom.. I decided to make a candy wrapper corsage for my date to fix my art craving while making it a bit more personal.. time to go big or stay home!


- Ribbon (funky bright color is better.. or match it to the girl’s dress”

-3 or 4 large tootsie candy wrappers of different colors (red for roses, etc)

-candy that has green wrapper (for leaves).. I used some sour skittles wrappers


- some type of card ( i used an old shopping perks card)

- random candy (i used flower lollipops)

-Random bright things (i used silver twist ties)


-Hot Glue

Step 1: Bow

Picture of Bow

  1. First, take your ribbon, and fold it over and over again. Maybe about 3-3.5 inches depending how wide you want it.
  2. Secure the ribbon in the middle with a wire
  3. Spread out each side of the ribbon so that it kinda looks like a bow tie.
poofrabbit1 year ago
That's really creative! Nice work!!