How to Make a Quick Cheap LED Flashlight With a Stick of Deodorant!





Introduction: How to Make a Quick Cheap LED Flashlight With a Stick of Deodorant!

In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a coll quick, and cheap LED flashlight out of a stick of deodorant! (and a few other parts)

Step 1: Collect the Parts!

You will need:


1: 5mm LED's (1-6)

2: 330 Ohm resistors (one for each LED)

3: 9 volt battery (1)

4: 9 volt battery adapter (1)

5: a switch (optional)

6: a project enclosure (I used an old deodorant case)


1: a soldering iron

2: solder

3: a drill (or anything else that will make a 5mm hole in your project enclosure)

4: your hands

(Sorry, the picture is really blurry)

Step 2: Deodorize!

Use the deodorant!

Step 3: Decorate!

Remove the label, and decorate your enclosure as you like!
I just left mine black, because I thought that it looked best like that.

Step 4: Connect!

I connected the LED's in parallel, so that I could not accidentally burn out all of them at once.

Solder all of the negative leads on your LED's together.

(the negative lead will be shorter)

Step 5: Resistance!

Now, solder a resistor to each positive lead of the LED's

Then, solder all of the resistors together, above the actual resistor!

Step 6:

(Sorry, the picture is really blurry)

Now, solder the negative(black) wire from the battery adapter to one of the negative LED leads.

Next, I connected the positive(red) wire from the battery adapter to one of the resistors through a flip switch, but you can use anything to connect them, you could even connect it directly, but the LED's would burn out pretty quickly...

Step 7: Drill!

Next, drill one 5mm hole for each of your LED's on your project enclosure.

I put one hole in the side of mine for the switch.

Step 8: Put It All Thogether!

Now, insert your LED's into the hole that you drilled in the project enclosure.

I put the switch in the hole that I drilled for it.

now close, put the lid on, or seal your enclosure.




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    Don't the entire bottoms of the axe deodorants twist to push the product up? I could think of a few ways you could use it as the switch for the light


    That's a good idea, I'll try that!

    I can think of a few ways to do it right off the top of my head, I'd have to have one of those particular deodorant sticks in front of me to really figure it out. Let me know how it goes!


    Ok, I tried your idea, and made one way to do it. I put one connection on each part of the twist thing, so that when you have it turned one way, its off, and when you spin it 180 degrees, it turns on.

    do you get the pic with a web cam


    yes, sadly. I made this the same day that i uploaded the instructable, and i was being a little lazy and just snapped a few pictures with my webcam

    step 2 , that is just plain nasty


    haha, thats about what i was shooting for there