Step 3: Sewing

1) Put 2 blocks back to back and sew 1 edge, at a half on an inch in, use the measurements on the sewing machine for guidance.

2) Then you can unfold it, and the two blocks will be joined together with a ridge between them.

3) Continue to sew the blocks together this way until you have a horizontal row.

4) Then sew the rest of the horizontal rows.

5) Once that is done, you can sew the horizontal rows together basically the same way; just sew each block to the one next to it to make a ridge just like you did with the last blocks. When you sew the horizontal rows together you will have to start and stop between the ridges, because most sewing machines can’t sew through that much fabric.

**If any of this is unclear please just leave me a comment, and I will try to explain it better**


I was hoping for 12 X 12 blocks, but a couple of t-shirts are smaller and a couple are too big to place all in 12x12 block. What do I do? I am a beginner at this, just so you know. Thank you for your help!

Hi there, enjoyed your instructions for making a T-shirt quilt. You never mentioned wether you lined it or batted it with anything. Also was the black color you used the fleese you were talking about. I did not understand about the ridge you made. Can you explain, please.