How to Make a "Groovy" Disco Ball Like Effect


Introduction: How to Make a "Groovy" Disco Ball Like Effect

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Remember those disco ball that your parents are probably obsessed with? Well after watching Kip Kay's video AOL Goes Disco! and messing around with a microwave, I thought up this idea. Welcome to my first instructable.

Step 1: Materials

A couple of CDs no one cares about(Like unused Cd-rs or Justin Timber lake CDs)
Fishing Line

Step 2: Microwave the CDs

Put your cd in the microwave for 5 seconds. This will create a weird effect on the surface of the cd.
Warning:This will ruin the CD. Make sure everyone is okay with you putting the cd in microwave(Yes, even your mom).

Step 3: Hang Your Cds

Tie a fishing knot around the CD. Then tie another fishing knot around whatever your are tying it to(a hook, a ceiling fan, etc). Then a CD, except this time tie it onto the CD above. repeat making chains as long as you want.



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    While this is awesome and I've done it since a kid.
    I must warn you of two things:

    1. Move the microwave outside or to a well ventilated area for the purposes of the project.

    2. Refrain from using your normal cooking microwave as it will: cause a odor inside the microwave that takes a long time to dissipate, it also lingers in the area.

    3. If for some reason you decide to microwave a few CD's in a row, then get hungry; clean the microwave's inside with soap.

    Is there any more to it than this - like lighting? L

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    I put em on a ceiling fan.

    That could be good - add picture?


    Cameras currently outta juice. plus that was a bad idea(they flew off and hit me in the head).

    OK you made me laugh, thanks.


    I glue 2 cd's together, use a fishing swivel on one end and a small weight on the other, hang the double reflector outside from a tree, it casts rainbows all around as it moves with the wind and chases cats and other unwanted critters from the yard