Looking for a project to do on a rainy day? This project is perfect! It doesn't take long and you can personalize it anyway you want!
Most of the time people find quotes on signs and think they are cool, but may not like the quote. This is perfect to get the quote you want! It is fairly cheap and only takes a few hours. 

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:
1. A blank canvas (any size)
2. Paint (any color) 
3. Stick on letters
4. Paint brush
5. Sharp edge
6. Something to put paint on

Note: The canvas should be big enough to fit the quote you want on it. It doesn't have to be an expensive canvas either. Any canvas of any size will do perfectly. It is up to you. Also the paint can be any color you want. If you want it to be more than one color that is perfectly fine! 
That is really cute and awesome. Love the directions, very simple and for me dummy proof. The only thing I was wondering-and totally not a big deal, but I suppose you can only use this once? Unless you painted it over again? Idk. But besides that, it's really cool and I think I might try it. Great for wall art..or a present for someone. Thanks for sharing.
Like only use the canvas once? You could use it again. Like you said you'd just have to paint over it again. It's really fun and simple!

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