Step 10: Inside the Barrel

Picture of Inside the Barrel
Turn the barrel upside down and using the barrel wrench remove the screw plug which is nearest to the 1" spout hole in the barrel. Place the 90 degree black iron fitting on your left index finger and insert it into the plug hole so that the threads are visible from the outside, and lined up with the spout hole.

dmz23 years ago
This part is largely unnecessary. I gave up after about a half hour of trying in vain to screw the parts together. The force of the hose bib threaded through the plastic and set silicone are enough to hold everything in place.
ladydi224 years ago
I have the wrong barrels, these are white and had blue coral wax inside them. Since they have sat outside they have collected water from the hole in the barrel plug. When you make yours with the barrel turned unside down does water leak from the small hole in the plug, now that is it facing down?