How to Make a Ram Booster!!!





Introduction: How to Make a Ram Booster!!!

Every computer user (old computers) suffers from computer freezing.
I'll show you how to make a simple computer booster using notepad.
The steps are said to be simple,so lets begin:
1)Open notepad
2)Type the following: MYSTRING="80000000"
3)Save it,and  name it  "ram booster.vbs"(i prefer to save it on desktop)
4)Now its done

Now every time your computer freeze you can double click it(2 or 3 times),and your computer will be boosted.



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    Are you crazy? ONLY Windows can run vbs file and Windows and Mac never be the same.

    It was so simple I thought it was a joke; ie, it does what other ram boosters- essentially nothing.

    If this is for real, will definitely try! Thank you for expounding above (& for making it simple from the start.

    You got my attention.
    Had you expounded from the start I'd have passed this by. Sweet.

    Question: I primarily use a tablet but still need my old laptop. It's W. Vista- how do you get notepad without going through the android app store?

    couldnt you just post a script that will flush all the ram instend of 8mb cause i dont think 8mb is enough to free up all the other programs.


    i have another one:


    Yes you can use this ,it has the same effect.

    just having a short write up like this makes me think its bad, maybe you could explain what it does exactly and dont just say "makes your computer faster"

    if your computer freezes, it's mostly because unused data in the ram wasn't flushed correctly - so this script tries to ccreate a variable that needs about 8MB of RAM. The OS checks the RAM and frees the needed amount, after that the script ends, which causes Windows to free the allocated Memory again, leaving 8 MB freed memory.

    Those 8MB might be enough for other programs to work properly again.

    That code flushes the RAM. Your RAM stores data for the applications that are being processed. When you have multiple applications running or you have stopped using some applications just recently there are chances that data need for those applications might still remain in the RAM. This code according to my interpretation flushes the RAM of all the data it contains.
    But i made it simple in order to be understood by all users(professionals and amateurs).