How to Make a Rechargeable Battery Pack for a Project


Introduction: How to Make a Rechargeable Battery Pack for a Project

About: Hello! . My name is Rafay and i live in Pakistan.I am a kid 13 years old.I like to make new gadgets.I spent many time on my DIY projects.

Helllo. In this instructable i will show you how to make a rechargeable battery pack to use it in your project.This is very cheap and easy.Sorry about the pics i have problem with my camera.I hope you like my instructable if you, then please favorite it :D :)

Step 1: Parts and Tools :D


1:4 AA or AAA rechargeable batteries .



1:Soldering Iron

2:Tape :) :*

Step 2: <<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>

Step 3:

Put the Batteries together as shown in the pic.Solder the wires +to- and-to+



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    how to charge it???

    pls answer.

    The instructions and purpose are quite sketchy. (See TimoR3).

    Could you please tell us a little bit more than just 1st grade physics... What type of rechargeable batteries you used, how you are going to recharge them while soldered together in series and, the reason why do you think they exploded...

    1 reply

    I use Toshiba 1.5v Rechargeable Batteries .I used Changzhou eagle 6v battery charger

    For y'all people out there: You can make a 12 volt one by adding 4 more batteries and following the pattern here :)

    Also, be careful not to overheat the battery while soldering. I've experienced one that almost exploded right in front of me. Thankfully it just ballooned but it still exploded when I threw far it and it hit pavement.